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Choose "Twitch" as your service, then either connect your Twitch account to OBS Studio or connect Twitch using the stream key. For the former, you'll just need the login information for your Twitch account. For the latter, you should go to Twitch, go to Settings > Channel and Videos, and copy the primary stream key you see there.

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Twitch is a well-known video streaming service, owned by Amazon. The initial intention of Twitch was to stream video gameplay, but they have gradually included other areas of entertainment such as television series, music, and even talk shows. If you must stream on Twitch, you must get your Twitch Stream Key.
As the title says, I created a small website to extract raw stream urls from twitch, hitbox, and others:. FFmpeg is a cross-platform. Go to Media > Open Media Stream > Network tab > then paste the m3u8 link and hit the Play button. However, most of the developer would have obfuscated the source code, or someother techniques to make reverse ...
A stream key is a unique alphanumeric string some platforms use to identify your incoming stream. Examples include Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. An alphanumeric string is often used for security, because its hard to guess or randomly find. Some platforms let you use a reusable stream key, meaning the same key can be used again and again.
Twitch - Add Account. Before Twitch actions can be used, a Twitch account needs to be added. 1) Open the Stream Deck software preferences. 2) In the preferences select the Account tab. 3) Click on the + button at the bottom left to add a new account. 4) From the account menu, select Twitch. 5) A new window will open up.
Click the Editor icon in the upper right corner to open the edit drawer. Select the Live Tools menu. Scroll to the bottom to find the RTMP Input option. Select Get Link. You will be presented with a Stream Key and a Server URL along with a few additional options. Before copying any of the given information, decide whether you want to send ...

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