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Mar 27, 2022 · The Quiz: Which Of The Following Descriptions Of The Inazuman Specialty Sakura Bloom Is True? The correct answer to this quiz is You Can Obtain It By Attacking It With Electro Or Approaching It With A Character Affected By Electro.

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Probably because this is the first time I got a 5 star DPS unit, but I think her damage early on is good. I run her with Diona and XQ/Mona, so the enemies didn't stand any chance. Mine is 70/70 with 6/6/6 talents. 30/200 for CR/CD, lvl 40 Mistsplitter, 4p Blizz strayer. Took her to abyss and comfortably 9* floor 12.
To be able to pick up a Sakura Bloom, you will first need to attack the place where you see these flickering lights with an Electro attack. So, select a character which has this type of attack (such as Lisa or Fischl) and fire off a hit at it. Then, simply approach the lights and pick up the Sakura Bloom and you will now have it in your ...

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