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Leisure time It is not easy to say exactly what teenagers in different countries do in their leisure time. I think that, in the main our interests and tastes do not differ very much.

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This might seem a very obvious topic but practising this will be very beneficial because free time is a very common Speaking Part 1 topic.
The Cuyahoga County Fair is pleased to announce that we once again came away BIG WINNERS in the 2021 Communication Awards to be presented in Columbus in January 2022 by the Ohio Fair Managers Association. The awards the Fair will be taking home include: Television Ad-Large Fair-1st Place -Cuyahoga County. Social Media – Large Fair- 1st Place ...
kids, children, leasuretime. Маша Козырева.
5.(Does/Do) Olga like English? 6.I (enjoy/enjoys) roller - skating. 7.What (do/does) you do in your leasuretime? 8.They (watch/watches) television in the evening.

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