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We Love Katamari now includes both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. The concept for this game is as idiosyncratic as its predecessor, Katamari Damacy. Since the release of the original game, the King of All Cosmos and his son the Prince have acquired a fan base. The Prince receives a request from a fan at the start of the game.
The movement and physics of rolling the Katamari feel extremely similar to the PS2 version, which can be a benefit or a burden depending on your preference as the game can still feel a little 2004 ...
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In Katamari Damacy, players pilot an alien klepto on a mission to rebuild all the stars that his father destroyed while partying. Na na, na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na~. Four unused songs can be found in a large archive named "DUMMY".
The menus in this game could be a little confusing to the newcomer. The main menu consists of 3 planets: Home planet, Earth, and Space Mushroom. Data - A house. Save your game or load another game here. Collection - A tree. View objects that you've collected by size or location or type.

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