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Blu-ray is a compact disc format that can store high definition video with up to 2160P (4K) resolution as high as 60 frames per second (fps). Therefore, Blu-ray movies are a good choice for those who love high-quality movies.

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The Haunting of Whaley House (Blu-ray) $5.00; Speed (Blu-ray) $5.00; Consenting Adults (Blu-ray) Was $8.97 You Save 44% $5.00; Dr. No (James Bond) (Blu-ray) Was $34.99 You Save 85% $5.00; The Simpsons Movie (Blu-ray) $5.00; It Could Happen to You (Blu-ray) Was $19.99 You Save 74% $5.00; V.I. Warshawski (Blu-ray) $4.99; Cape Fear (Les Nerfs A ...
Blu-Ray Player+ is a High-quality, 100% Free Blu-Ray Player, with no-watermarks over movie or any time-limits like other players around. It is specially designed for playback of your Movies that are stored in Blu-Ray's discs you may have. You may use also your phone as a Remote Control Playback!
Blu-ray / DVD / 4K. Home » Blu-ray / DVD / 4K. Kemono Jihen: The Complete Season. 4 days ago. As Miss Beelzebub Likes It (TV Series) 4 days ago. Chan is Missing. ... All movie titles, pictures ...
The older your Blu-ray disc is, the more likely it will work. Newer Blu-ray discs use BD+ disc encryption, while older ones used the more easily bypassed AACS encryption. Newer Blu-ray discs also blacklist some of the known keys used to play older Blu-ray discs in this way. If you have a very new disc, you may not get it to play at all.
To rip your movie, put the disc in your Blu-Ray drive and open MakeMKV. After a moment, a big Blu-Ray drive icon will appear. Click this to scan the titles on your disc. Once MakeMKV is done scanning for titles, you'll see a list of them in the left-hand panel of the app. You can choose which titles you want to rip here.

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